City Sirens Easter Concert

12802973_680878225387049_8199154768880565635_nFollowing on from our fantastic Christmas concert, we are delighted to announce Дубай куда сходить the launch of our informal Spring Concert, to be held on Thursday 24th March, at 8pm at Whitchurch Methodist Church.

Come along to hear new a cappella tunes as well as some old favourites – and a free drink and hot cross bun is included in the ticket price!

Tickets are on sale now for the fantastic price of just £5.00 per person and can be purchased at https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/date/237984

Tickets are limited so remember to order your tickets nice and early to avoid disappointment!

We look forward to seeing you on the 24th!

Christmas Concert tickets on sale Sunday 1st November…

Following on from a fantastic summer concert, we are delighted to be returning to the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay, on Friday 11th iStock_000004599539XSmall-BaubleDecember, at 19.30pm for our Christmas Concert.

Featuring a selection of classic and popular songs and Christmas carols, this is the perfect concert to get you into the Christmas Spirit!

Tickets go on sale Sunday 1st November at 10.00am and can be purchased from https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/citysirens for the fantastic price of just £8.00 per ticket!

Tickets are limited and last year’s Christmas concert was a sell out – so remember to order your tickets nice and early to avoid disappointment!

Come and join us!!

City Sirens Summer Concert 2015 in Norwegian Church

City Sirens Summer Concert 2015 in Norwegian Church

City Sirens currently have the following vacancies (as of September 2015):

– Two soprano 1 positions

– One soprano 2 position

– Three alto positions


But I can’t read music..!

You don’t actually need to be able to read music to sing with us. Whilst some of our members do, many rely on recording the rehearsal to help them learn their part.

The members’ section on our website also contains music sheets and recordings to help with learning the repertoire.

What about rehearsals?

We are based in Cathays Methodist Church (Cardiff), and meet every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

We will be starting our autumn term on Tuesday 8th September looking ahead to a Christmas concert in December.

We do not audition new joiners, but we do ask that you are committed to rehearsals, and therefore do not miss a rehearsal unless absolutely necessary.

We hope to perform at least three concerts a year, and try out new things including keeping it social!

How do I join?

If you would like to join us, or ask more information, please email citysirenscardiff@gmail.com

Vacancies will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

Norwegian Church to host City Sirens

We are very pleased that we will be taking on our biggest venue yet; the beautiful Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay, on Thursday 25 June 2015, at 7.30pm.Norwegian_Church,_Cardiff - Nick_Russill

Featuring lots of new material and some golden oldies we will be taking on the musicals, Disney and some classic pop songs!

Tickets are on sale now, and you can buy them through our Facebook page, or from Ticketsource.co.uk

We would be delighted if you could join us, so please avoid disappointment by getting your ticket now!

Image courtesy of Nick Russill

A private appointment with the Musical Director

As part of the membership package when you join City Sirens, our membership is entitled to one free singing lesson with our chief Musical Director, Tom Colwell. Jessica, an Alto was one of the first members to take up this offer. We asked her to tell us what she experienced and gained from having a one-to-one with Tom.

Jessica            “Having grown up singing in eisteddfodau, I’m used to singing in front of people. It does give me butterflies sometimes, but I don’t tend to experience any feelings of terror. However, singing in front of a professional and potentially being told I’d been doing it wrong all these years was going to be an interesting experience!

The first thing Tom asked me to do in the lesson was to sing something for him to showcase my voice. I chose to sing Calon Lân, a traditional Welsh song that I’ve known since childhood. I belted it out, starting on an appropriately low note (I am an alto after all!), and gave it my all.

One of the things Tom spotted was that I was using my jaw and throat quite a lot to generate the loud alto sounds I’m used to emitting. Apparently, there shouldn’t be any tension here when you’re singing, so a lot of the exercises we did revolved around trying to get me to sing using my stomach muscles to create the sound, and taking the remaining tension out of the throat and jaw by using my facial muscles to help.

I also told Tom that I have trouble singing quietly, something it is essential we are able to do in choir. Tom got me doing some exercises to practise proper breathing, and looking in the mirror to practise correct posture (those few years of ballet lessons came in quite handy). After practising the various exercises, the most revealing activity that Tom asked me to do was to sing up and down in fifths, going up by one note of the scale each time: I made it all the way up to a top G which was a revelation for a confirmed alto!

By the end of the lesson, I felt so much better about my singing: I felt physically more relaxed, in the whole of my body and particularly in my face and jaw; I’d discovered that my range was quite a bit bigger than I’d always believed; I didn’t feel any pain in my vocal chords anymore from trying to hit certain notes; and all the techniques I’d learnt, I’d be able to apply to my singing in choir. I now use them every single week when we sing, and can’t wait for my voice to continue to develop and get stronger.”

Tom has a few spaces each week in his busy teaching schedule. If you would be interested in having a singing lesson with Tom, you can find out more at singinglessonscardiff.com.